Eclectic Diversions Productions (EDP) is an umbrella organization that embraces the various interests of Doug Tardif and his colleagues. Over the past half century, he has had the pleasure to share with the talents of exceptional colleagues working on various projects worldwide. We want to continue bringing some of our insights to aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals requiring a perspective that was not born from the digital age.

Our video team is ready to provide videography talent to your project. Our project management approach will meet with your team to discuss your ideas, and put together a costed project proposal for your consideration. We can provide service at all levels including Videography, Production, Direction, Script writing, Story development, and securing talent.

The online business coaching is another area where we make available seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs from various sectors. Each of our business coaches have had decades of business experience at senior levels. They are keen to share their insights with aspiring entrepreneurs and to offer guidance and motivation. We encourage you to check out our Business Services section and to read about our dynamic coaching team.

If we’ve piqued your interest, please contact us at: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and let’s talk about your project or business needs. If you’ve got something that requires some “outside the box” consulting, maybe we can point you in the right direction.

We are very approachable.